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Book Fairs

Our book fairs are marketplaces for content distribution across digital channels, print, audio, television, and film. As global forums for rights negotiation and sale, they are filled with seminars, events, national and international exhibiting companies, and publishing professionals. These prime venues with exposure advantages are hassle-free for the authors as we do all the work for you. Bringing published books to an audience is now made easier for authors.

In partnership with the Combined Book Exhibit (CBE,) we will showcase your artistry to book readers, enthusiasts, traditional publishers, literary agents, directors, screenplay writers, and other decision makers in the publishing industry. This includes having placement in the CBE booth and catalogue. On top of that, pre and post web press releases will be blasted to thousands of media outlets worldwide.

Get your book on the track to success by choosing from our list of book fairs.

Regional Exhibits

Display Options Regional Shows
Print Books $450
Ebooks $450
Print/Ebook Combo $650

To display the book in a specific area, this package is perfect for authors who want to participate in a local event or are looking to market their book to a local audience. Regional shows include State Library and Reading Conferences.

Service features:

  • # Regional show exhibit of your choice.
  • # Placement in CBE’s Exhibit Catalogue and database.

National Exhibits

Display Options National Shows Book Expo BookCon / New Title Showcase*
Print Books $500 $775
Ebooks $500 $775
Print/Ebook Combo $725 $1,100

This book exhibit targets the national area. This is great for authors who want to publicize in every major city in the United States. BookExpo is an official partnership with Reed Exhibition.

Service features:

  • # National show exhibit of your choice.
  • # Placement in CBE’s Exhibit Catalogue and database.

International Exhibits

Display Options International Shows London Book Fair / New Title Showcase*
Print Books $550 $775
Ebooks $550 $775
Print/Ebook Combo $800 $1,100

If you’re after for the international market, then this is the book fair for you. This book exhibit is also ideal for authors with books in a foreign language like Spanish. London Book Fair is an official partnership with Reed Exhibition.

Service features:

  • # International show exhibit of your choice.
  • # Placement in CBE’s Exhibit Catalogue and database.

What is an eBook Display?

EBook Display allows you to exhibit your ebook to the audiences at the book fair and display it. The eBook Display exhibit uses large monitors to draw attention to the event, while using new technology to keep people looking, book by book, at the many titles exhibited within. We take your book’s PDF file and automatically converts it to a safe file that can’t be copied or downloaded, but is easy to read at a book fair!

Service Features:

Books are displayed with their cover always present, and when an attendee clicks the cover of the book he or she is interested in, they are able to preview up to 45 pages of the book.

Users can see your contact and distribution information by clicking “more” on the book cover, and they can “check” to receive more information about your book.

You may choose from the lists of Book Fairs below:

Show Name Location Show Date Deadline Category
2017 American Library Association Annual Chicago, IL Jun 23, 2017 – Jun 27, 2017 Closed National
2017 National Education Association Boston, MA Jun 30, 2017 – Jul 01, 2017 Closed National
2017 American Association of School Librarians Phoenix, AZ Nov 09, 2017 – Nov 12, 2017 October 2, 2017 National
2017 Hong Kong Book Fair Hong Kong, China Jul 19, 2017 – Jul 25, 2017 June 5, 2017 International
2017 Beijing International Book Fair Beijing, China Aug 23, 2017 – Aug 27, 2017 July 25, 2017 International
2017 Frankfurt International Book Fair Frankfurt, Germany Oct 11, 2017 – Oct 15, 2017 September 8, 2017 International
2017 Sharjah International Book Fair Sharjah, UAE Nov 01, 2017 – Nov 11, 2017 September 25, 2017 International
2017 Guadalajara International Book Fair Guadalajara, Mexico Nov 25, 2017 – Dec 03, 2017 October 12, 2017 International
2018 New Delhi World Book Fair New Delhi, India Jan 06, 2018 – Jan 14, 2018 November 27, 2017 International

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