The year 2012 saw the rise of children’s books, earning a total of $3.3 billion in book sales. Although the following years saw numerous shifts in printed book and e-book sales, the children’s books consistently made huge profits. Compared to other book genres, children’s books remained a steady boat in the ever-changing market tide. In 2017, the children’s literature sold over 233 million units.
Moreover, it is not only in the United States. In the United Kingdom, Statista recorded publisher sales of printed books for young kids from 2009 to 2017 is averaging above 300 million British pounds.


Children’s Books will always have a special place with readers of all ages, and this year opens a lot of opportunities for authors publishing children’s best books.



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Publishing children’s books is becoming more convenient for self-publishing authors.


Print is still the best format for any children’s book especially for illustration and coloring books. Today, with the availability of various illustration software applications, self-publishing your own children’s book is more convenient compared to 5 or 10 years ago. Now, you can just hire a talented illustrator or tap service providers who offer Children’s Books services.

Although most popular children’s books don’t really have that too many eBook versions, getting your book into eBook format is easy and relatively cheap these days.


Children’s books trend does not really change that often.


Last year, Porter Anderson of Publishing Perspectives released a list of top five children’s books that will make it big in the market. Below is his list of children’s book Trends this 2019:

  1. More books will highlight strong female characters
  2. Kid-friendly nonfiction will continue to grow as a draw
  3. Iconic series and characters” will return with new stories
  4. Fantasy worlds and creatures should maintain popularity
  5. Activity books will be engaging, especially in the STEM arena


There are wide variety of children’s books, allowing more opportunities for success.


If you look at Amazon’s list of top 20 best-selling children’s books, you will notice that there are few spots with similar children’s books category. This means that there is no monopoly of success as far as categories are concerned. This is great news for aspiring children’s book writers because there are plenty of story types to pursue.

Type of children’s book categories:

• Biography

• Children’s poetry

• Children’s stories

• Fables

• Fairy tales

• Fantasy fiction

• Fiction

• Folklore

• Historical fiction

• History

• Juvenile works

• Juvenile fiction

• Science fiction

• Young adult fiction


Children’s books have always enjoyed a stable market. Aside from the fact that everybody loves a light read, children’s literature has the support of other media: illustration, music, and of course, the film industry.


Children’s books with movie tie-ins such as the Harry Potter book series, The Hunger Games, Chronicles of Narnia, the Jungle Book, and Disney classics brought critical and commercial success to their respective authors, publishers, and producers.


However, another important component in marketing children’s books are book fairs. Local and national book fairs feature many children’s books and generally, this is where books get their first public exposure. As we all know, book fairs are organized mostly by local booksellers with the participation of people from the academe, local publishers, and mass media.


Figure 2 Children’s Books on display during ReadersMagnet’s Miami Book Fair event last 2018.


Book fairs serve as the starting platform for authors to market their books to publishers and literary agents. National book fairs such as the Miami Book Fair, the London Book Fair, the Frankfurt International Book Fair, and The Bolognia Children’s Book Fair have helped launched the success of many children’s book authors.


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