ReadersMagnet gives us a glimpse of the Tucson Festival of Books’ memorable two-day event inside the pavilion and the surrounding events.

As expected, excitement filled the air as people flocked to the University of Arizona Mall for the 2022 Tucson Festival of Books. After two years of hiatus, thousands of book lovers were happy to experience the book fair in person. Hundreds of vendors, exhibitors, authors, artists, and entrepreneurs gathered before the event officially opened. Pavilions, small tents, stalls, studios, and platforms were set to accommodate various activities, including panel discussions, musical and artistic performances, workshops, exhibitions, book displays, and book signing events. As one of this year’s exhibitors, ReadersMagnet set up a pavilion for the two-day event. Here’s a rundown of what transpired during the weekend.



 ReadersMagnet represented over 120 titles from 100 plus authors.

Day 1: Opening Day and the Return of TFOB in the University of Arizona Mall Grounds After Two Years

Day One greeted everyone with perfect weather. As soon as the sun was up, organizers, participants, and early birds slowly trooped to the Mall grounds. Looking at every corner, one can feel the euphoric atmosphere of finally being out in the open and meeting both new and familiar faces. Organizers and attending staff were busy with registration and getting the programs ready for the opening day. Some of the memorable performances on Day One included the stunning ballet performance by the members of the Ballet Folklorico Paloma, the LindleyLopez Circus, and other excellent presentations. Various forums and booths also welcomed the public (Tucson Herpetological Society, Mt. Lemmon Sky Center, Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement). The University of Arizona also opened its Bookstore tent to the public.

Inside the ReadersMagnet Booth, visitors curiously checked out our book display. We have over 120 book titles on display. Authors gamely posed with book fans for selfies and group pictorials. Our team was kept busy with the continuous influx of tourists and interested readers. The first day of the Book Signing Event featured authors Mary T Kincaid (The Penthiads), Daniel Harry (The Jesus Ring), Jack Hawn (Blind Journey), Russell Dee Hamblin (Magnificent Mind-Set Man), Charles Sampson (Vanishing Beacons), Rich Halvey (The Kingpins of Riverbend), Kenny Harmon (Sad Papaw’s Heritage), and Renee Servello (Humor All the Way).



ReadersMagnet set up two booths for the two-day Book Signing Event.

Day 2: A Day of Shared Memories, New Friendships, Farewells, and Looking Forward to Next Year’s TFOB

Day Two began around 9:30 am with the same energy and anticipation as before. The weather couldn’t be more perfect as participants and visitors flocked to witness the festival’s second day. Many flocked to Science City, especially kids and kids at heart. At the Children’s area, games began early, and storybook characters were there to entertain visitors and participants alike. Booths and workshops continued to attract audiences during the closing day. Closing performances by artists and musicians began early and ran until the afternoon. Back at the ReadersMagnet Pavilion, our old and new authors hang out with our staff and fans. Some roamed around and handed bookmarks, souvenirs, and other freebies.