There are already millions of stories in the line of literature. These tales often talk about love, loss, courage, religion, race, human experience, and other significant things that center on life. Because of the vast array of books present in the literary realm, authors struggle to find another way to make their book stand-out. They should put something new to the table, the type of new that can magnet the attention of the readers.

Your book doesn’t become remarkable because you want it to — it becomes remarkable because it has touched multiple lives from different parts of the world without you knowing it. But, how can you write a book that can give you this success? Here’s how.

Study the writing trends of your chosen genre

There are many book genres in literature, such as science fiction, fantasy, young adult fiction, mystery, romance, children’s literature, and more. Choosing one is already hard, but making your content fit its standards is more challenging. The best way to create the best book is to write a genre that is close to your heart. The sense of familiarity and passion will significantly help you write a good story. However, it would help if you never forgot to research your preferred book genre. Try to look into its familiar elements, parts, and themes. In that way, you can follow the standards and find a way to incorporate something new into your content.

Identify your target readers

Your readers should always be on top of the priority list when it comes to writing. Without them, you cannot really arrive at success. Hence, they are the most integral yet tricky aspect. Determining your target readers helps you save more resources, such as time, money, and effort. For example, your target patrons are young adults. You should at least use the appropriate language, utilize the relevant tone, research for trendy teenage fashion, and more. This all goes down to story appropriateness and a great book-reader relationship.

Ensure relevancy of elements

A well-written book is a product of well-incorporated elements. Many ingredients create a good story; these are the characters, plot, setting, theme, point of view, and style. Each of them has a different purpose and function. To create an excellent and engaging book, you should ensure that all elements mixed — including the literary devices, show content relevancy with story aspects in harmony with one another. Thus, readers will be more attracted to reading your book.

Start and finish strong

When you embark on the actual writing process, allow your creativity to flow. You will need all that creative juices to build a framework for your book. But, what is crucial is the way you start and finish your book. The first few lines and chapters must have a significant impact, although they are simply written. Just introduce the story casually, like the way you start sharing a random tale with your friend. When it comes to the middle, just make sure that the characters are moving the plot well.

Moreover, the other vital part is the ending. With all the hardships that the protagonists have gone through, make sure to give him the conclusion that he deserves that you think can create a massive mark on your readers. You can also tease the readers by ending in a cliff hanger; this technique will increase their drive to look forward to a sequel — if there is any, and ignite various emotions from them.

Proofread for a better manuscript

While writing, you are not aware of the errors that you have made. This is because you are focusing on crafting the story and making progress than continually looking back to remove errors. Hence, it would be best if you did not forget to proofread your manuscript. If you want a better story, you may hire an expert, like the professional book editor Greg Van Arsdale. Highly skilled editors can help you arrive at the best and engaging story, which can really increase the chances of selling a lot of copies and gaining a wider reader base.