The biggest virtual book fair is about to start again this fall. ReadersMagnet’s The Festival of Storytellers booth and bookstore pages will be filled with features and excitement one more time. Continue reading this blog to learn more about what to expect from the platform specifically created for authors and their books.

Entitled TFOS3 or The Festival of Storytellers Chapter 3, the online forum is designed to meet the needs of authors to connect with co-writers and readers worldwide. “What a grand experience,” author Luthie West commented, “I’ve just had as an author-participant at The Festival of Storytellers presented by ReadersMagnet.”

Luthie added that TFOS was fun and afforded her the opportunity to connect with readers and other authors just as she had hoped. “I would recommend the services of ReadersMagnet,” she further asserted, “and their liaisons to other authors.”

The website has many features, but we’ll be discussing two of the main pages that authors have enjoyed using.

Booth Page

The Virtual Booth or Interactive Author Booth is a place where you can find featured cover photos and live stream videos. In this space, you can share recorded or live videos about yourself or your books. Authors who paid for the Silver and Gold TFOS packages will enjoy this platform.

Aside from the clickable book covers and video streaming, fairgoers can also see social media links directly connected to your platforms. The most exciting one, though, is the chat box on the right side where participants can drop comments or questions for you.

Viewers can also get in touch with you through the Contact Author button. They can order your masterpiece through the Buy Books button. Also, (well, take your breath first), readers can share your booth on Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms via the Share Booths. This is an opportunity for you to get more exposure. You can see the other buttons and the Booth Main Page or Booths Page when you join the event.

Bookstore Page

The bookstore space is beyond a display of books. Aside from the ability to buy books online, the platform also exhibits featured books and upcoming book titles on the Bookstore Main Page. Luckily, all packages (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) can take advantage of this page.

Visitors can easily find specific genres with the specified buttons: Fiction, Children’s Literature, Inspirational, Religious, and Educational. On the Bookstore Page, you can see a book cover and a book trailer video. These features will help fairgoers to get a glimpse of your books.

To heighten the excitement, selected book reviews will also be shown on the right side. This will showcase what your readers claimed after reading your masterpiece. Similar to the Booth Page, the bookstore has Contact Author and Buy Book buttons. The first will lead visitors to your email address and the latter will bring them to a Buy Now link on Amazon or any preferred online book shop.

These are just two of the pages you can capitalize on once you join TFOS Chapter 3. To learn more about how this can be of help to you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at ReadersMagnet. Give us a call at 1-800-805-0762 or email us at [email protected] today! We are here to assist you.