Have you had any experience in partaking in book fairs during the pandemic? Whether you have or you haven’t, it’s never too late to get up and participate, for there are multiple book events that await you! Many alterations and adjustments were made in order for book lovers and authors to continue commemorating literature through book fairs. Thankfully, the online world has given us the opportunity tovirtually conduct these wonderful events, such asthe incoming virtual book fair this November called The Festival of Storyteller Two by ReadersMagnet. So, if you want to know how to take part in online book events, then here’s what you should know.

Taking Part In Virtual Book Fair Infographics

Check the details

Regardless of where you saw the advertisement about the book event, you should always fact-check. Go on the official website of your chosen book fair and check the details of the event. You have to verify if that it is a legitimate site before proceeding to the next step. Thus, look into the program information, such as the name of the event, date of registration, participation fee, length of the event, date of program, exhibitors, and more. You can also research for the details on how to be an exhibitor if you want to be one.

Start registering

Secure your spot on the event by registering, but ensure that you can make it before the cut-off. Visit the website of the organizer and follow the registration steps. They often ask for your details and payment; so, ensure to enter the information correctly to avoid future problems. Once you’re done filling the forms, you need to wait for the confirmation before exiting. Also, some book fairs give early bird perks; so, you better watch out for it too!

Get regular updates

Prior to the event, there will be many advertisements, newsletters, and other types of campaigns the organizers created to reach more targets. Getting these kinds of updates can be beneficial on your end because you’ll be informed about the current status of the incoming event, new information, follow up on your registration, amazing pre-event games, and other valuable aspects revolving around the program. Hence, subscribe to the newsletter and follow their social media accounts for constant updates.

Join pre-event activities

There are many gimmicks set by publishing houses, organizations, and other establishments that organize book fairs beforethe main event. These activities can increase the hype of the fair and help them get more participants. As one of the prospects, you might want to join these pre-book programs so you can learn more about the event, increase your interest, and be more enthusiastic about joining. Also, you can win exciting prizes while you are having fun, which is a win-win!

Test your connection

A day and hour before the book fair, please check your internet connection so you can enjoy and maximize the event. Your book event experience is technically dependent on your connection since it is conducted online with the help of a video conferencing application or website. If you have more resources, you can prepare a backup WiFi, such as pWiFi or portable hotspots, to guarantee the best online book event experience.

Enjoy the moment

Make the most out of the book fair by savoring every moment. There is, indeed, an exciting set of activities that they prepare for you; so, make sure to participate and not let your spot go to waste! Learn from wonderful workshops, meet amazing authors, check out stirring stories, get lovely freebies, and let your passion for books and writing burn brighter. Enjoy the time and apply the lessons that you learn until another book fair comes your way.