Self-published authors are unrecognized voices with exceptional stories to share. ReadersMagnet prides itself in creating platforms for these authors to get heard. After inviting celebrities to the Book Confab in Tribeca, we are now giving opportunities to unsung writers who deserve to have a platform to share their stories with the world at the Book Confab in San Francisco.

Rev. Errol E. Leslie, an author of two books, will be featured at ReadersMagnet Book Confab in San Francisco on April 28 to 30, 2023. Rev. Leslie is the Pastor Emeritus of Grace and Mercy Ministries Palm Bay Inc. in Florida. As a finalist of the BBB Torch Awards for Ethics 2022 in California, ReadersMagnet is honored to open more doors for indie authors in the Golden State this year. We are more than glad to have Rev. Leslie as one of our valuable guests.

Rev. Errol E. Leslie: A Mini Bio

Rev. Errol E. Leslie is a loving husband who received a BA in Theology from the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Kingston, Jamaica in 1978 and a D.Min. from Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, Georgia in 1991. He is a former United Methodist pastor in his native country of Jamaica and three different states in the USA. After separating from the Methodist Church, he founded the Grace and Mercy Ministries Palm Bay Inc. in Florida and retired from active pastoral ministry in June 2022.

Aside from being a minister, Dr. Leslie is also a self-taught musician who has released four music CDs, either solo or as part of his family’s music ministry. He authored “Stolen Grace: A Memoir” and “Christian Bible Drama Series: Christmas Edition.” He will present these masterpieces at the Book Confab in California this April.

Stolen Grace: A Memoir

Subtitled “How God Rescued Me from the Jaws and Claws of the United Methodist Church,” this true-to-life story is a controversial and thought-provoking book by Rev. Errol E. Leslie. Released in June 2021, “Stolen Grace: A Memoir” described how Dr. Leslie’s ministry in the Methodist Church came to an abrupt end after being knuckled under a vulnerable state, falling victim to lies and injustices at the highest levels of the church.

“In scriptures,” wrote Rev. Leslie, “there are so many other persons whom God used, even though they were broken.” He further added that people like Moses, David, Solomon, and Rahab show us how God is still willing to use us after we have messed up. No matter what broken state we’re in, we are never beyond God’s reach. We are never so far gone that God can’t make us effective for His purposes. It is we as human beings who judge each other by our own personal standards and write people off as unacceptable.

Christian Bible Drama Series

After his retirement in June 2022, Rev. Errol E. Leslie found more time to put his knowledge and experiences into writing. As the title implies, the “Christian Bible Drama Series: Christmas Edition” consists of two Christmas musicals sharing the same story, the same message, and the same Jesus in different plots. Dr. Leslie asserted, “I believe the Christmas narrative fully as described in the Bible. However, there are details from the story which would have been omitted. Some of these imaginary thoughts and questions come out very clearly during the plot.”

The author made sure that the entire Christian message emerged clearly and very strongly towards the end of each musical. He emphasized that the plots may differ, but both have an underlying theme of evangelism, as people are encouraged to believe in this Jesus and give their lives to Him.

ReadersMagnet Book Confab

As a featured author at the ReadersMagnet Book Confab in San Francisco, Rev. Errol E. Leslie will have a standee highlighting information about him and his books. He will also have at least 30 minutes time to talk for a #BookTok entry where he can share his story with the attendees. Dr. Leslie’s OpenMic will be recorded and documented by ReadersMagnet’s staff to help his author branding and book marketing strategies.

The Book Confab is an original creation of ReadersMagnet, a reputable self-publishing and marketing agency in San Diego, California. The event is designed to gather book enthusiasts and give a platform for indie authors to get heard. It is the second installment after a triumphant launching in Tribeca, New York last year.

You can check out the Facebook Profile of Rev. Errol E. Leslie to learn more about him. For more details about the Book Confab, you can visit us here. Don’t hesitate to directly contact us at 1-800-805-0762 or [email protected] for further assistance. We’re here to help you!