This year marks the first year after the successful silver anniversary of Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) and the inauguration of Beijing International Children’s Book Fair last year. ReadersMagnet again took part in the largest book fair in Asia last August 21-25 at the New China International Exhibition Center.

The Beijing International Book Fair celebrated its 26th founding anniversary with an even greater audience. More than 300,000 visitors from 86 countries and regions participated in the recently concluded book event. ReadersMagnet was joined by 2,406 other exhibitors from all around the globe.

Once again, the annual 5-day event saw the gathering of publishers, book retailers, literary agents, authors, digital media experts, journalists, and book enthusiasts. Being the largest literary festival in the whole of Asia, the 2019 Beijing International Book Fair hosted the usual book trade, copyright trade, translation rights transactions, cultural events, symposiums, multi-media presentations, comics and IP licensing, consultations and public readings. The event was also attended by more than 1, 300 local and international journalist and media outfits.

ReadersMagnet is grateful for those who joined this year’s Beijing International Book Fair. The year is not yet over and there are still upcoming book fair events that ReadersMagnet is set to attend, such as the 2019 Miami Book Fair International and the Guadalajara International Book Fair. For now, we declare the 2019 BIBF officially a success.

Join us next year and be part of one of Asia’s most anticipated literary event, the Beijing International Book Fair.

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