ReadersMagnet WTO Program: What You Need to Know?

ReadersMagnet Web Traffic Optimization program is now in full blast and the results are just stupendous. Get to know more about the program that’s making our authors happy.

Whether you are a traditionally-published author or self-published, promoting your book online can be an arduous task. You need to reach the broadest number of target audiences through your website and other digital platforms. Thus increasing web traffic, social media authority, and conversion are your top goals. Imagine a program that guarantees to enhance your current website, making it SEO-friendly, increases web traffic, provides fresh and relevant content, and boosts social media shares and signals. In a nutshell, this is what ReadersMagnet provides to its clients via the Web Traffic Optimization program.

What is Web Traffic Optimization?

Web Traffic Optimization is essentially Search Engine Optimization (SEO), with a more comprehensive approach. Aside from dealing with the On-Page and Off-Page optimization, the WTO services cover the content publication, social media syndication, a more extensive and intensive treatment of backlinks, guest posting for the website, and other features guaranteeing an increase in web traffic for our client authors.

Web Traffic Optimization process flow

WTO Program: How Does it Work?

The Web Traffic Optimization program works just like most typical SEO services but we added some key elements to each process and consider the whole program much like a 6-month intensive campaign.

Site Audit

Every WTO program for a client author begins with a detailed SEO audit of that author’s current website. The SEO-in-charge covers all the necessary items under a full site audit (page speed, title tags, headers, meta descriptions, site map, robots, schema, broken links, duplicate content, and other issues). The SEO will also provide recommendations to issues found and ensure that the site has all the necessary tools to ensure optimum performance.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an integral part of any SEO campaign. With the ReadersMagnet WTO program, we ensure that each keyword is well-research. We design each keyword to fit with targeted URLs as well. Using the most advance and updated strategies, we produced keywords that are not only relevant but also have the potential to increase searches thus driving more traffic to your website.

On-Page Optimization

This is the part where the SEO implements all the resolutions and necessary measures within the site to improve its position in the search rankings. Current contents and pages are optimized including making changes in meta-descriptions and title tags. The WTO program ensures that our author’s website does have all the necessary tools to stay in the digital game. Aside from adding from Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, other tools and plugins are also added. This process is called Google Tools Integration. 

A screenshot from a report showing one of the author’s articles in Google search.

WTO Content Creation

What makes ReadersMagnet’s WTO unique is that we put a premium on content. In the SEO world, we believe that ‘content is king’ and an essential part of any digital marketing process. Tapping our pool of writers, we ensure that there is fresh and relevant content that links to our author’s sites. Our private blog networks (PBNs) provide juicy and interesting topics that attract readers. ReadersMagnet also has several microsites where we feature our client authors, their books, blogs, and even reviews of past and latest works linking back to their site and selected pages.

Off-Page Optimization

ReadersMagnet recognizes the importance of linking to other sites and promoting the author’s name and brand to relevant online communities. Thus, the WTO program engages in extensive and intensive link building campaign through the following:

  • Listbuilding
  • Forum Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blog Commenting
  • Web Directory
  • Q and A Websites
  • Article Submissions
  • Listbuilding for Influencer Outreach
  • Influencer Outreach

Social Media Promotion

ReadersMagnet’s WTO program features social media advertising that is designed to meet the standards of social media advertising. The syndication of content materials and promotion of respective pages are tailored-fit to meet an author client’s specific needs. Social media signals are monitored by our team of social media specialists.

The Benefits of Our WTO Program

Since its launching last year, it has produced positive results. Aside from the guaranteed increase in web traffic through blog posts, articles, web content, and videos, ReadersMagnet WTO program also provides the following benefits:

Gather Contact Info through

  • Social Media E-Newsletter
  • Infographics
  • White Papers

More Interaction

  • Phone Consultations
  • Engagement from readers to authors
  • Feedback/Review

Possible Sales

  • Book Promotion
  • Book Sales
  • ROI


  • Weekly Performance Reporting
  • Monthly Executive Report

ReadersMagnet believes that the Web Traffic Optimization program is the future of digital marketing. For authors, promoting books online can be a daunting task and our program has all the right tools and the right people that can help you not only increase traffic for your website but help you stay ahead of the marketing game. Contact our publishing consultants and register to our WTO program today!