The year 2019 holds a huge promise for the independent publishing industry and ReadersMagnet continues to offer quality self-publishing services for all aspiring authors.

ReadersMagnet’s official logo.

ReadersMagnet’s official logo.

ReadersMagnet has come a long way since its establishment almost three years ago. What started as a small company providing book marketing services, blossomed into a self-publishing company now providing best publishing services to aspiring authors.

Below are the current list of Publishing and Marketing services that ReadersMagnet offers: 

Publishing Services

  • Black & White
  • Full Color
  • Children’s Book
  • Ebook
  • Editorial Services

Marketing Services

  • Online Brand Publicity
  • Dynamic Website
  • SEO Through Blogging
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Book Trailers
  • Press Release Campaign
  • Book Review
  • Print Advertising
  • Marketing Materials

Book Fair Distribution Services

ReadersMagnet’s scheduled book fair events for this year.

ReadersMagnet’s scheduled book fair events for this year.

ReadersMagnet’s 2018 book fair calendar was truly a remarkable one. Aside from its usual list of national and international book fairs, ReadersMagnet participated in the 35th Miami Book Fair International. The Miami Book Fair is one of the most prestigious literary events in the United States and it was ReadersMagnet’s first time to join the said event. This year, the young self-publishing company is set to achieve another feat by participating in the 2019 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. It is the largest book fair event in the country which will be held this April 13-14 at the University of Southern California near downtown Los Angeles. 


Radio Book Interview

Since the last quarter of 2018, ReadersMagnet has been in partnership with This Week in America
With Ric Bratton
. This is part of ReadersMagnet’s Radio Book Interview services. The live author interviews are part of the weekly program and is heard in over 100 station across the country. 

Authors’ Lounge


ReadersMagnet renews its commitment to self-publishing ideals via Authors’ Lounge.

Last February 1, ReadersMagnet launched the Authors’ Lounge. The Authors’ Lounge serves as a place where authors can interact with each other and share their voice and ideas with the world. One key feature of Authors’ Lounge is the Authors’ Blog. It allows writers and authors to share articles or excerpts of their works. For free. As of writing, Authors’ Lounge has over a hundred registered writers and authors with over 50 published articles. These articles are also shared in various social media platforms and in the authors’ official websites. 

BBB Accreditation Level Up

A screenshot of ReadersMagnet BBB profile with the latest BBB rating.

A screenshot of ReadersMagnet BBB profile with the latest BBB rating.

Earlier this year, ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing company just moved a notch up in the Better Business Bureau accreditation by earning the A rating. It was middle last year when ReadersMagnet earned its BBB accreditation. The organization then awarded ReadersMagnet with an A- rating, the third highest rate in BBB rating scale. In less than a year, the self-publishing company is now a step closer in achieving the A+ perfect rate.


This is ReadersMagnet’s third year in the self-publishing industry and it’s getting better and bigger with each passing year. Be part of a growing family, publish with ReadersMagnet today!

Contact them at their Office Number: (619) 354 2643 Toll Free Number: (800) 805 0762 Fax Number: (661) 338 1442 and enjoy top of the line publishing services.