Promising to soar high this 2019, ReadersMagnet started the year on a hustle-mode and the daily grind mindset. Fresh from a productive year that was 2018, the three-year old self-publishing company set out to outdo last year’s remarkable gains and milestones.

Despite being a young player in the self-publishing industry, ReadersMagnet has already established it reputation as a reliable publishing partner. Established in 2016, ReadersMagnet started as a team of marketing experts offering book marketing services to self-published authors. ReadersMagnet introduced its publishing arm last July 2017.  Its first batch of published titles included Leatha Patton’s BridgesOmid Olfet’s D like DOLL E like EVIL, Deborah Ruth Reaves’ From Weeds to Wisdom, and Carolyn T. Linn’s Heaven Is Amazing!

Since then, the ReadersMagnet team grew into a small company and eventually into a community of committed publishing and marketing experts.

The year 2018 saw the increased published titles as well as non-ReadersMagnet published authors partnering with ReadersMagnet through it wide variety of publishing and marketing services.

Taking flight this first quarter from last year’s momentum.

ReadersMagnet also capitalized from the company’s many achievements from the previous years.

The success of last year’s participation in the 35th Miami Book Fair International open doors to other possibilities for the Book Fair Content Distribution program. As early as January, ReadersMagnet were already in talks with organizers from Word On the Street (WOTS), Canada’s prestigious book fair event and the 2019 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (LATFOB). ReadersMagnet was able to secure the latter and went on to participate as a first-time exhibitor.

Author Dr. Byron Conner during the book-signing event at 2019 LA Times Festival of Books.

ReadersMagnet successfully featured 163 authors for its book display event. The fair’s book signing event also drew in hundreds of visitors during the two-day book festival.

ReadersMagnet also moved up from its previous BBB rating- A-. This year, BBB awarded ReadersMagnet with an A rating. The A rating is the second highest rating in the BBB rating scale next to A+.

Perhaps ReadersMagnet’s biggest offering this first quarter is the launching of Authors’ Lounge. A site dedicated to authors and those who wish to share their stories to the online community. Authors’ Lounge give authors the opportunity to publish their works online free of charge.

As of press time, we already 173 articles approved since the site went live in February this year.

This is an unprecedented move by any self-publishing company. This is proof that ReadersMagnet cares about their authors and the narratives they wish to share with the world.

Soaring higher and spreading its wings across the globe.

With its string of successes, ReadersMagnet is set on a roll. With its calendar of book fair events, ReadersMagnet hopes to duplicate the gains of last year especially with the Miami Book Fair.

This coming November, ReadersMagnet will once again participate in one of the oldest and most prestigious book fairs in the United States. This will be ReadersMagnet’s second year as an exhibitor in the Miami Book Fair International.

With the success of Authors’ Lounge, ReadersMagnet also hopes to add another platform for authors to promote their brand.  The ReadersMagnet Review is a project in progress. Book reviews are crucial in establishing a brand. ReadersMagnet aims to provide authors a venue for their books to be reviewed by both critics as well as fellow authors. This will give exposure for their books as well as an objective and honest appraisal of their works.

This year, authors can expect upgraded marketing service packages and more interactions especially with the upcoming launching of ReadersMagnet Review this coming June.

For updates on promotions and other activities contact ReadersMagnet at their office number: (619) 354 2643 Toll Free Number: (800) 805 0762 Fax Number: (661) 338 1442 or email them at [email protected] for more details.