ReadersMagnet will take part as an exhibitor in the upcoming American Association of School Librarians (AASL) 18th National Conference & Exhibition. The biannual event is the largest gathering of school librarians from all over the country and is solely devoted to the needs of the library and educational community. The AASL17 will take place at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona on November 9-11, 2017.

Around 4,000 attendees are expected to converge at the AASL17, and these include school librarians, library media coordinators, educators, district and state level administrators, and exhibitors of many sorts, including self-publishing firms like ReadersMagnet. A number of authors will also attend the exhibition to promote their works, interact with attendees, and sign autographs.

ReadersMagnet will exhibit the works of 50 authors, including those of authors with scheduled autographing sessions: Abdul Qayum Safi (November 10), Gerald Schaefer (November 10), Maria Jasinskas (November 11), and Carolyn Linn (November 11). Among the books that will be exhibited are:

  • One Life: An Afghan Remembers by Abdul Qayum Safi, a memoir of an educator who grew up in an isolated village in Afghanistan and persevered to obtain higher education in America and the Middle.
  • The Widow’s Might: A Legacy of Love and Hope Rising by Maria Jasinskas, a personal account of a psychiatrist-wife whose husband, a decorated Marine veteran, committed suicide.
  • Loving a Beautiful Mind by Carolyn T. Linn, a memoir written by a wife whose husband was diagnosed with a mental illness just when he was about to enter the academe.
  • Women: DOWN through the Ages: How Lies Have Shaped Our Lives by Gerald Schaefer, who writes a biting critique of civilization’s treatment of women.
  • The Seventh Day: Can You Enter This Blessed and Sanctified Day? by Myron G. Heavin, a book that explains the spiritual importance of resting one day each week.
  • Chronicles of the Revolutionary War by Geoffrey A. Todd, a compendium of events that comprise the American war of independence.
  • Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles by Fritz Thenor, a fictional retelling of the life and works of Christianity’s greatest missionary.
  • Grace Has A Silent Voiceby Nina M Kelly, Ph.D., an inspiring book that aims to awaken weakened hearts and souls to enduring grace and hope.
  • The Gift by Lila Ellexson Senter, a collection of various “word gifts” as termed by the author – Bible verses, quotes and quotations, and original poems, plus artworks that revolve around the themes of love, family, and faith.
  • Fourteen Days to Amazing Health by Dona Cooper-Dockery, a health guide with the purpose to educate, inspire and empower readers toward optimum health.


Be sure to check out ReadersMagnet’s booth at the AASL17.

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