ReadersMagnet, dependable California-based self-publishing and marketing firm, is set to join as one of the exhibitors in this year’s New York Library Association (NYLA) Conference & Trade Show in Saratoga Springs on November 3-4, 2022.

After the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference and Exhibition in Washington D.C. last month, ReadersMagnet will attend the NYLA Conference & Trade Show this November. NYLA, the ALA New York Chapter, is one of the best State Library Shows in the U.S. The membership includes librarians, academics, library trustees, and other book enthusiasts.

NYLA is on a mission to lead, educate, and advocate for the advancement of the New York library community. “It is an exciting time for our library association,” asserts Beth Merkle, NYLA President, “and we are optimistic about NYLA’s future – and the future of our members and members’ libraries.” She continues by saying that the last two years have shown how inevitable and humbling change is. These years have also taught people there is strength in coming together to rework, rethink, and reinvent what they may have known.

The Credibility of the Association 

As an organization connected with the ALA and as one of the oldest library associations in the U.S., NYLA has built a good reputation among librarians, authors, publishers, booksellers, academics, and book lovers alike. ReadersMagnet believes writers can create a better and more reliable network of fans, colleagues, and even friends by joining the event. This is on top of learning the innovations and technologies in information gathering, education keeping, and database sharing. A credible organization with a reliable event makes you a more dependable author.

The Demand for Books

The year’s final quarter is when books are more in demand among librarians, students, educators, and bookworms. The NYLA Conference is on time to satisfy the needs of gathering advocates, library staff, university professors, book publishers, authors, vendors, and the like. ReadersMagnet wants to grab the chance for writers to connect with each other and create new linkages for author branding and book promotion. The organizers and fairgoers will benefit from the event, which is significant in the world of literary creations.

The Opportunities in the Event

Books are easily known and sold after publication. Authors, especially the self-published ones, don’t stay at home waiting for their books to be in the hands of readers. Fortunately, there are many ways to connect authors with other authors and their readers. This is also true in connecting books with buyers and even librarians.

The 2022 NYLA Conference and Trade Show offers opportunities for print books to be displayed, authors to be recognized, readers to be involved, and publishers to be known. Aside from having a booth as an exhibitor, ReadersMagnet will send an event posting for promotion to 1,000+ event sites in the United States. The agency will also provide promotional materials to its authors, such as business cards, postcards, and bookmarks.

ReadersMagnet is excited to welcome our writers again, together with their fans and other fair goers. For more details on what awaits at the 2022 NYLA, please reach out to us at 1-800-805-0762. You may also message We are here to accommodate you.

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