A live radio interview is crucial for every self-published author. It is an important marketing strategy that can reach the broadest number of target audience in a matter of minutes, if done properly. Radio book interview give authors the chance to talk about their book and at the same time answer essential questions about their author brand. ReadersMagnet values its importance and in fact, radio interview is one of the services under ReadersMagnet Marketing Services. Here are some author radio interview techniques that we think can help you in your live radio interview in the future.

Be Ready!

A full segment interview usually last for about 15-minutes. The bulk of the interview usually consists of answering questions about your book and you, the self-published author. As such, it is important that you know your book by heart. Showing up for a live radio book interview means getting ready for these three things:

Expected questions. These are the basic book and author queries. Aside from the publication information, questions may revolve around the process of producing your narrative as well as the inspiration for your book.

Share something. Despite the limited time, you wouldn’t want to simply respond to each question with a simple yes or no or with one-liners. Avoid a dull interview by sharing something interesting that’s related to your book. It can be a joke, a trivia, a story, an experience, or anything that your audience can relate to make your exchange lively.

Pop-Up questions. Live interviews are dynamic. Your radio host or one of your listeners might ask something that is not within your list of expected questions. It can be personal or just something about the book that you haven’t thought of. Just be ready to respond.

Your 15 Minutes of Fame

Prepare your voice. Get enough rest and sleep. Drinking water helps clear your throat. Interviews are verbal in nature and you want your voice to be in tip-top shape when you face the microphone.

Arrive early. Be in the station few minutes before the interview. This way you can relax after your trip to the station.  You can also review your notes or just simply relax yourself before the actual talk.

Warm up. The host will be your partner during the duration of the interview. It is important that you get comfortable and get to know a bit about each other. You want to established rapport and avoid that awkward dead air.

Follow the Host’s lead. Although the segment is all about you and your book, you must remember one important rule: The host owns the house and you are a guest- his house, his rules. The host probably has done hundreds of book interview and this one is no different. Leave the flow of the talk to the host, your job is to respond and to expound.

Speak clearly and calmly. A fifteen-minute interview does not guarantee that you will be able to touch on all topics or answer all questions about you and your book. That said, respond to each statement or question calmly. Speak clearly and make sure every word you utter is understood by the listeners. Do not talk too fast and certainly don’t limit your answers to one-liners. Take your time to elaborate and to share your thoughts.

Talk to your audience. The responses and statements you issue in your interview are not for the host alone. You are might be inside a booth but there are multitudes out there listening to what you are about to say about your book. Address your answers to your host as well as to the thousands tuning in. Greet them at the beginning of your interview, acknowledge their presence from time to time and make sure to extend your gratitude to them as the interview comes to an end.

Be Prepared!

Prepare to receive reactions, comments, suggestions and queries after the interview. You might receive calls, emails on your account or website. Remember, when this happens you must respond timely and professionally. Whether the content is positive or negative, it is still publicity. It means your book is gaining recognition. Engaging the audience furthers the book’s discussion and your marketing mileage as well.

However, during the live radio interview, your main goal is to promote your book by talking about it and responding to the questions related to it.Radio book interview is the best way to preach your book and what it is all about.So, focus on it and make sure that your story is heard loud and clear.

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