The Miami Book Fair International is the biggest annual book event in the United States and is the model for most book fairs around the world. Publishers, booksellers, and authors from around the world gather for this prestigious event. There are many reasons why every serious author should attend this yearly book event. Here are the pros in attending the Miami Book Fair International 2018:

This year’s line-up promises to be bigLiane Moriarty, “Nine Perfect Strangers”, Anna Quindlen, “Alternate Side: A Novel”, Tina Brown, “The Vanity Fair Diaries: Power, Wealth, Celebrity, Dreams: My Year at the Magazine that Defined a Decade”, Barack Obama’s presidential photographer Pete Souza and “Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents”, Novelist Tayari Jones, “An American Marriage,” and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, “Leadership: In Turbulent Times” will grace the 2018 Miami Book Fair International.

You get to meet stars and celebrities.  The Book Thief author Markus Zusak, Academy-award winning actor Sally Field.  Yes, you will probably get to meet these Hollywood celebrities and famous personalities but they’re not probably going to talk to you about their latest movies or recent album. MBFI is all about books and literature.

Miami Book Street Fair is growing. The Street fair Weekend is the main highlight of the whole book event with over 250 publishers and booksellers as well as authors who signed up with their respective publishing houses. There are also special booths and stalls for special interests. The Street Fair’s main attraction though is the 450 authors who will be reading and discussing their works. Each year the number of books is increasing especially with the addition of graphic novels and comics.

 There’s always something for everyone. Miami Book Event is host to events including Festival of Authors, Comix Galaxy, Children’s Alley, Ibero-American Authors, Twilight tastings and the Kitchen, GLBTQ discussions, Miami Writer’s Institute, Author talks, writing and poetry workshop. The Porch Opens! is an event that features food trucks, outdoor games, writing, and poetry.  The First Draft aims to boost aspiring authors’ confidence through beer drinking. Drink & Draw is a fun event where illustrators engage in cocktails and draw-off competition. Puppet Poetry features the Miami-based art collective, BLCK Family. With these simultaneous events, everyone is in for a week of fun and learning.

It’s a big gathering of genres in one night. This year Miami Book Fair International will feature “An Evening with the National Book Awards Winners and Finalists.” The audience will experience a night of different genres. Winners and finalists for the prestigious National Book Awards will take turns reading five-minute snippets from their works. These authors are from fiction, non-fiction, young people’s literature, and poetry.


 There are many workshop opportunities. Throughout the 8-day event, various seminars, talks, and workshops will take place simultaneously. These workshops range from literature, visual arts, poetry, culinary, music, and even management workshops. These workshops aim to equip authors, illustrators, and even publishers with skills that they can use to improve their careers.

Avail of travel and accommodation discounts. Miami Street Fair takes pride in its vast networks of support, sponsors and event partners. With over 250,000 visitors staying in town for over a week, hotels and travel agencies offer participants of the fair hotel and airfare discounts. Organizers of the fair coordinate with the local hotels and various airlines to make sure exclusive hotel and discounted plane tickets.

 Miami Book event offers free and cheap events. Throughout its 35-year history, the Miami Book event is never without free and cheap events, some of them are even for the whole family. The usual free events include The Porch, the Street Fair, and the Children’s Alley. This year there are events that only require participants to have the free tickets. One of these is a free film showing of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol.

You get full media coverage and exposure. The Miami Book event has always enjoyed the support of both local and national media. Being the largest book event in the United States, media coverage for the MBFI 2018 will gather wide media attention and publicity.

Be a part of a vast literary network. With over 250 publishers, 500 authors, and 250,000 participants, the Miami Book Fair International is not only a book event but also a gathering of potential partners and networks. The 8-day event is a good opportunity to establish connections not only with publishing companies but also with your fellow authors from around the world.

Overall, it’s a healthy memorable experience. More than its prestige, the Miami Book Fair International brings forth solidarity among book lovers, may they be writers, publishers, agents, or readers. As an author, it’s always great to commune with your fellow writers, to witness their own narratives, to learn new things, to exchange ideas and to build lasting connections. Overall, attending the Miami Book event is an occasion every serious author should experience.

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