Tick Tock – KINDLE


Format: Kindle
Published Date: March 30, 2020
Pages: 282
ISBN: 9781951775056

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"It appears most of us are unaware of the truth of our having a common enemy. His name is Satan. The fact that we deny his existence is of great benefit to him and he is quite adept at using our lack of acknowledgment of his existence against us. He is very clever. His agenda is focused on proving he is superior to us. We, who believe, in God's Word believe we are created in God’s image. It qualifies to be the recipients of treasure yet unknown. Satan is hell-bent to prevent us from receiving those treasures. We have relaxed. Satans deceptive tactics have lulled us to sleep. This book is aimed at waking some of us up. It is unintended to be an attack on anything or anybody other than Satan. He is our covert adversary. For those who purchase it, may it assist you in finding the truth of your being. Remember, life is temporary, things are temporary, but we are BEINGS we go on and on. What our Afterlives will be is dependent on how well we defeat Satan. Peace be with you. —George Acker—"

George Acker

George Acker is an African American man who has for over eighty years has pondered the question of what is life all about. I’ve summed up an answer and committed to share it with those who have dealt with the same conundrum. I am married to a wonderful wife, Maria D. Acker. We’ve been married for over thirty-five years. this is my third marriage. I did my best to assist the six children that were the result of three marriages to find their ways to healthy, happy, and productive lives. I hold a B.S degree from the University of San Francisco.


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