The Wonderful One-Eyed Teddy Bear

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Glen Robinson

Published Date: July 28, 2022
Pages: 118

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In this first story, we meet Kristi and Teddy and learn how Teddy's eye is lost. Later, we learn how his eye is found, then lost again – this time for good. Next, Dolly's house is on fire! Watch as Teddy rescues his friend from her burning house. After the firefighters are gone, he and some of his friends clean up the smoke and water-damaged house. When Teddy brings Dolly back home, an excited and grateful Dolly claims Teddy to be her hero. Then what happens when PJ, just working on his garden, hooks his rake on a mysterious box? With Teddy's help, they find and follow a treasure map. It leads them into an exciting adventure resulting in one of their friends being rescued from a life-threatening accident. This book features large illustrations and easy-to-read large text.

Glen E. Robinson

This book will help parents introduce the subjects of good habits. Without even knowing it, children are learning in a funny way what good habits are about. Every parent wants children who can get along well with others. The secret to this is good manners and good habits. In this first book of a new children’s book series, The Wonderful One-Eyed Teddy Bear: Stories Begin, a little girl named Kristi receives a Teddy bear for Christmas. She loves the bear so much and hugs him so tightly that one of his eyes pops out, rolls under the Christmas tree and is lost. Teddy quickly becomes a leader of the other members of Kristi’s stuffed animal family, and they have great adventures together. The characters have sweet personalities, for the most part, and are always courteous and polite. The author attempts to weave basic moral and ethical principles, as well as a bit of humor and suspense into these stories that seem destined to become classic.


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