The Wizards of Vane – PAPERBACK


Michael Malecki

Format: Paper Back
Published Date: December 1, 2023
Pages:  142
ISBN: 979-8-89091-240-4

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In The Knotted Cord. Mite Mannies found his way into the world of the Vane Isles. After defeating evil in that world with the power of his cord, he became Milan of Vane. In The Fuller Jewel, Ann Trown joins Milan on the Vane Isles and there she is able to resist differing evils that are trying to take her jewel from her for their own purposes. This story will now tell the tale of how magic came about in the world of the Vane Isles. It also tells of how an evil unknown in that world attempts to try and gain dominance. After Tommy Tamsin joins Milan and Ann, can all of these, who represents the good, have the ability to again fight to maintain their control in the world they have adopted, and stop this evil from winning. Can those representing the good fight back without having to bring weapons that the enemies from their childhood, who have joined forces with this new enemy, have brought over from the other world.

Michael Malecki

After years of working in the computer industry, Michael Malecki is now embarking on a new chapter of his life and writing is what he is doing now. This book is the third of the Vane Isles series, which was one of his dreams of doing. We look forward to more books and adventures, from him, as time goes by.


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