The Vampire Identity: Journey to California – PAPERBACK


Kira C. Yeaman

Format: Paperback
Published Date: January 11, 2023
Pages: 176
ISBN: 978-1-959761-32-7

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She isn't your average person, or in this case, a vampire. She's different from every one of the underworld creatures who walks in the night, scaring and hunting their prey, she even stayed away from them for a long time, her name was KC Yesterman.

KC Yesterman liked being alone since from the night she was turned centuries ago, but what she did want in the world was to be part of the Lord's family and finally have her wings, she would do anything for HIM to get what she wanted th most, now she's on a Mission for His Lordship and fifteen girls who had asked her help to save the families from the fifteen girls' enemies in five different states and countries plus meeting certain people she didn't know she would have to face. Could KC save the families and deal with these people who she didn't want to meet at the same place and time. Find out and see.

Kira C. Yeaman

My name is K.C. Yeaman and I made this book since I was in high school 2005 making this into a big book, then years later in 2015 my Grandmother suggested I should make this book into a series and that is what I did.


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