The Police Inspector General – KINDLE


Santos Bangura

Format: Kindle
Published Date: June 23, 2023
Pages: 112
ISBN: 979-8-89091-078-3

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The Police Inspector-General is a thrilling fictional account of daily occurrences in a typical African police institution. It paints the picture of how social ills like corruption, sycophancy, superstition, greed, intrigues, sexual immorality and more importantly tribalism and partisan politics can rip apart and plunge the police force into a state of total chaos and eventual collapse. The excessive politicization of a police organization often leads to the emergence of an unholy alliance between some top brass of the police force and the seat of political power, the State House. Dissenting voices are ruthlessly stifled or silenced. In some cases, they become the victims of State sponsored covert operations. Often, the unfortunate outcomes of such situations are instability and civil unrests which provide the military with justification for meddling in national politics. Once the military successfully gain political leadership, gross human rights abuses are perpetrated and the plundering of State resources become commonplace and in many cases, to an extent far worse than that of their political predecessors.

Santos Bangura

Born in Gandorhun, Kono district, eastern Sierra Leone, Santos Bangura is a retired Chief Superintendent of the Sierra Leone Police. He holds BA from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. Santos also holds MSc in Peace & Conflict Studies-George Mason University, Virginia: MA in Statecraft & National Security Affairs-Institute of World Politics, Washington DC, and a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration with concentration in Terrorism, Mediation, and Peace from Walden University, Minnesota, USA.


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