The Love In Mending – PAPERBACK


Format: Paperback
Published Date: February 19, 2021
Pages: 28
ISBN: 9781953616197

Weight 0.268 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 0.08152 × 11 in

"The storybook, The Love In Mending addresses love and healing (mending). Both on the surface and at deeper levels, it is apparent that we can heal and help each other whether pet or person.

In the book, a very special Sewing Box gets used to mend torn toys. The pet and owner bond together by means of the Sewing Box. They do well together by “mending” one another. Suitably, the author likens “mending” as sewing. The healing of a sick pet presents further trials in the relationship.

Furthermore, the frequently used words “very special” emphasize the importance of whatever is referenced. References include pet, family, toys, Sewing Box, and relationship.

“Very special” implies the deserving of the best as well as the getting of the best. Like the very special dog, the very special relationship endures. There exists very special love in mending within a very special relationship!"

Mary Catherine Rishcoff

The author never had a pet dog, but some of her siblings did. Because she enjoyed these pets, she wrote with the dog owned by her sister, Kathy in mind. A real, but make-believe story arose. Because of her relationship with Kathy, the author wrote a story of love. Her intent is to link “mending” with “very special”. She likens her relationship with her sister as such. In the end, the author proclaims that LOVE overcomes like mending, mending, and mending.


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