The Dreamer

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Carla Atkinson

Published Date: April 27, 2024
Pages: 36

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The Dreamer is a story about a young boy who dreams of being someone different than himself. He wants to be better than he thinks he is. In fact, he wants to be a hero.
His idea gets the opposite reaction than he expected. He went through many experiences he perceives as dangerous and heroic but finds out he is not the hero instead is in trouble.
In the end, the Dreamer learns that he is good enough without trying to be someone else. This is an opportunity for an adult to teach a child about self-worth and confidence in who they are.

Carla Atkinson

Carla Atkinson has been interested in the health and welfare of children since childhood. As an eleven-year-old, Carla began teaching Sunday school, and she baby-sat children of all ages for many years.
Carla and her husband, Jim began taking foster children in 1968, and to date have raised over two hundred children. They are active in the lives of their 125 grandchildren and great grandchildren. Carla and Jim founded a group home agency in 1984, ultimately opening six group homes, a foster agency, and a Special Education School.


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