The Adventures of Snook and Gator

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Tara Annette Rocker

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The Adventures of Snook and Gator: Snook Meets A Buddy
Snook Meets A Buddy is the 4th book in The Adventures of Snook of Gator series. Snook happily teaches her readers about the importance of understanding and communicating with autistic peers. Snook’s teacher gives her the very important job of supporting a new classmate. Snook Meets A Buddy is a perfect book to ignite a discussion with your students about respecting and befriending their peers with learning differences. Snook learns about autism spectrum disorder and demonstrates to young readers one of many ways they can interact with their peers with learning disabilities.

Tara Annette Rocker

A California native, Tara Rocker has written and illustrated four children’s books all in the series titled, The Adventures of Snook and Gator. Rocker based the main character Snook and her stories on her own childhood. Rocker attended Alabama State University and California State University, East Bay and received her undergraduate and Masters of Social Work (MSW). Rocker published the first two books of the series, The Adventures of Snook and Gator and The Adventures of Snook and Gator: Too Many Bad Ideas, in 2009. Rocker continued the series by publishing the 3rd book, The Adventures of Snook and Gator: Snook’s Cool Idea for a Hot Day, in 2015. Rocker has the overall mission of providing positive stories and images of black people.


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