Some of God’s Miracles

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Vincent Piccone

Published Date: January 11,2023
Pages: 108

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Some of God's Miracles provides a list of the miracles in the Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible with some commentary. These miracles are incredible happenings and events that were outside human experience and includes healing, acts contrary to the natural order, and supernatural events. The miracles in the Old Testament point to the work of God in the world and illustrate His Divine power. In the New Testament, the miracles – many of which were performed by Jesus – point to the fact that Jesus is the Son of God. Some of God's Miracles is meant to show that God alone can perform miracles and that Jesus is the Son of God, He who alone can heal by His word.

Vincent Piccone

Vincent Piccone attended McGill University Faculty of Medicine. He lived in Presbyterian College while he was there and developed a strong interest in religion. Dr. Piccone is a practicing Catholic who saw miracles in his own life and would like the reader’s to know that God exists and still performs many miracles on a daily basis. Indeed, God is the God of miracles. Through prayer, reading the Bible, and attending church, we may to experience God’s miracles.


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