Shut the Door on Yesterday

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Agnes Martin

Published Date: December 30, 2022
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I’ve shut the door on yesterday,
It sorrows and mistakes;
I’ve locked within its gloomy walls
Past failures and heartaches

And now I throw the key away
To seek another room
And furnish it with hope and smiles,
And every springtime bloom.

No thought shall enter this abode
That has a hint of pain,
And every malice and distrust
Shall never therein reign.

I’ve shut the door on yesterday
And thrown the key away-
Tomorrow holds no doubt for me,
Since I have found today.

Agnes Martin

My name is Maria Agnes Martin, in my Spanish passport the name changes to the name I was given in my baptism: Agnes Gonzales- Martin. In the USA a married woman is given the husband’s last name and use it as a family name and also in most/all official documents which refers to me. Born in the Canary Islands in the province of G. Canarias, located south of Spain, west of the country of Morocco? in the continent of Africa. These isles are located in the Atlantic Ocean.
My father was a local native, my mother from Madrid the capital. I enjoy the company of several siblings, two brothers and three sisters. Both my older brother and sister has passed away not too long ago, so at the moment I am the oldest of the four that are left. After I married my husband Carl, and the birth of our two sons in Spain, we came back to the USA and bought a house in California. I was attracted to Joseph’s experience because we are from the same era and have a similar background. My father passed away young, the cause being stomach cancer probably aggravated by the heavy intake of alcohol which put him in a situation of becoming an alcoholic since his youth.


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