Scourged Souls – KINDLE


Format: Kindle
Published Date: June 5, 2019
Pages: 126
ISBN: 9781949981834

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"Scourged Souls takes place during the American Civil War, however, it is not the war itself. Instead, it takes the reader into the lives and settings of the characters whose lives cross, for a brief few days during horrific battle, whether directly or indirectly through relationships. It reflects on thCe innocence of the characters and daily life. It also enters into personal reflections and the beliefs and plans of those involved.

Author Keith N. Corman's work will leave readers with a sense that personal lives in previous eras were much like our own now, and that war is harsh and leaves scars on the those left behind, whether in the area of conflict or those back out of harm's way on the home front."

Keith N. Corman

Keith resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife Martha. A retired public servant after 30 years, Keith now maintains business as an Industrial Development Consultant. Always holding a keen passion in history, Keith feels to appreciate history generally is to look at it in the everyday life of the era. Holding to that philosophy, “The grass was green and the sky was blue, as it is today”, Keith wanted to portray SCOURGED SOULS in that aspect. Set during the American Civil War.


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