Sarah’s Touch

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Carla Atkinson

Published Date: February 16, 2024
Pages: 46

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There are few things more rewarding than sharing a book with someone. Sarah's Touch is one of those books that will be very rewarding to children when read together with an adult. Sarah's Touch is a true and touching story that teaches the value of quality by example. Sarah was working with children who had been moved frequently from home to home. These children had no trust in adults, no social skills, and no values.

Sarah taught by the way she lived her life and interacted with the children. They learned competence, value in relationships, and trust in themselves and others. They learned and accepted the value of doing the best they could, not because of a class or a subject taught in school, but because they came to understand the meaning of value in their own life.

Carla Atkinson

Carla Atkinson has been interested in the health and welfare of children since childhood. As an eleven-year-old, Carla began teaching Sunday school, and she baby-sat children of all ages for many years.

Carla and her husband, Jim began taking foster children in 1968, and to date have raised over two hundred children. They are active in the lives of their 125 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Carla and Jim founded a group home agency in 1984, ultimately opening six group homes, a foster agency, and a Special Education School.


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