Random Access Murder – PAPERBACK


Carol Gandolfo

Format: Paper Back
Published Date: December 4, 2023
Pages:  180
ISBN: 979-8-89091-354-8

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A small team of specialists come together at the request of Dr. Bill Thornton to create an android that would replace juries. He will have the ability to determine guilt or innocence by connecting to the defendant. Then he can pass judgment immediately. What happens when this android, who looks like an average white male, ends up on the streets of Washington, D.C with the ability to connect with murderers and exterminate them?

Dr. Beth Middleton and FBI Special Agent Tom Ford are thrown together to try and find Nestor before other find out he can kill with his thoughts. While Tom and Beth become closer to each other, someone is managing Nestor on his mission which is known only to Dr. Bill Thornton, who is now deceased. Along the way Nestor enters a church and something strange begins to happen. Where will Nestor go next and who and why is someone directing his mission?

Carol Gandolfo

Dr. Carol Gandolfo has been writing, mostly for herself, since she was ten years old. Publishing several short stories over the years and winning a few awards while involved with writers’ groups in both California and Arizona, Carol desired to publish a full novel. In 2018, she self-published “The Tattoo Artist”. The Tattoo Artist came out of nowhere and Carol just went with it. She hopes she will be able to share many more of her stories. Writing has always been a passion and she put this into her research papers while obtaining her BA and half of an MBA before quitting the program, and following what led her to become a psychologist.
She has been a psychologist in California since 2000 and obtained two licenses in psychology and marriage family therapist in Arizona in 2018. While there is little time to write these days, she finally finished her latest novel and has a portion of the next book in process. Often not even sure where the stories come from, Carol relies on her experience in interviewing a serial killer and attending training with the original FBI profilers.


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