Quiet. Fear.: An Autobiographical Novel Second Edition- KINDLE


Cynthia J Giachino

Format: Kindle
Published Date: April 3, 2023
Pages: 444
ISBN: 978-1-960629-30-2

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Lilly was born into a loving family. Strong in faith, she played in the fields, woods, and on the river in the rural Midwest. It was a life people dream of, but not for Lilly. Her past and present world was split in two… one of fear and one of love. After giving birth to a son, those worlds could no longer remain parallel. She found herself with one foot weighted down in the hidden underworld of terror. The other stuck on a merry-go-round of secrets. Secrets that could kill. She desperately needed to bring back a sense of normalcy, but the throat-grabbing, quiet fear she carried, had her imprisoned.

Can she fight the demons of her memory? Is she strong enough to survive this battlefield? Lilly is about to discover what happens when secrets are given a new life.


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