Pilot Quest – HARDBACK


Darlene Sredl

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July 12, 2022
Pages: 402


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Aspiring to become a pilot, Lindsey finds this life goal is not so easily accomplished. Compounding the usual expected obstacles of financing the in-flight education and training comes the reality that none of this would be approved by her husband and thus, must be kept a secret.

Keeping secrets is never easy, especially not for Lindsey who had to balance demands of a highly stressful nursing administrative position, with childcare arrangements for 4 children, and airplane rentals which led to a dwindling bank account. While these were foreseeable obstacles that could ultimately be managed, a few other situations surfaced that could not have been anticipated.

Situations like: amorous overtures from half the flight instructors (who happen to be a very sexy lot); getting lost at altitude with little gas left in the wing tanks while flying a 500 mile solo; horrified seeing blood spurting from the shoulder-wound of a flight mechanic who got too close to a slicing propeller; aborted permission-to-land transmissions from ground control as Lindsey was on final approach 200 feet above the runway; and, auto-rotating a helicopter down to a crash landing in a thick forest, then, deserted by the new flight instructor who bit off more than he could chew with Lindsey!
Readers can get a realistic glimpse of how to fly by reading this book.

Darlene Sredl

Dr. Sredl went on to achieve many more of her life goals when, (at mi-life) she decided to stop drinking alcohol. Clearer thinking leads to clearer actions, she felt. In addition to achieving her private pilot license, with considerable additional time also spent pursuing her helicopter rotor license, Dr. Sredl went on to: complete her Ph.D. in nursing research; swam with dolphins off the Florida Keys; and became scuba proficient in order to explore part of Australia’s GREAT BARRIER REEF; published 5 books and over 90 health-related professional articles. One text, AIRBORNE PATIENT CARE MANAGEMENT: A MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH was translated into Spanish and adopted by the government of Chili as it’s official air-evacuation text. This was the inspiration for the development of the nursing theroy – Aerohemodynamics. Dr. Sredl was elected President of the Nurse Pilot Association and also became Editor/Publisher of AeroNursing News, a professional flight nursing journal. She and her husband, Fred, enjoyed 50 years of marriage and raised 4 beautiful, productive children for God.

“Marriage is made in heaven…but so are lightening and thunderstorms” Anonymous


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