My Kids Bubbles and Bubbly: Duck as a Third Language

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Nelly Julchen Rempel

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Dimensions 8.5 × 11 in

What do you do when you find a damaged nest of duck eggs? Why, you take some home to try to hatch them of course! When Nelly found a damaged mallard duck nest in 1978, she never expected it would lead to years of friendship with a pair of ducks. Meet stubborn, quirky, and loving duck Bubbly and Bubbles, possibly his mother, in this charming and hilarious tale of friendship and discovery.

Nelly Julchen Rempel

Nelly Rempel is a retired social worker originally from Struan, Saskatchewan. Since moving to Ontario, she has befriended many wild and domestic animals on her farm. She lives in Port Robinson, Ontario, where she enjoys gardening and singing in the church choir.


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