My Art Walk to the Contemporary Masters

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Dorothy Slikker

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Dorothy Slikker made an immediate impression on us with her masterful technique and the beauty of her compositions. Her works range from realistic to realistic—impressionistic, portraits, landscapes and animals, subjects in a genre which is unforgiving of the slightest technical misstep, and with Dorothy’s work, the viewer will find none! Her perfection is formidable. For us, Dorothy is eminently entitled to a prominent place in any publication or website with the name “Masters” because she truly is a Master Painter.

Despina Tunberg, curator

Dorothy Slikker

Dorothy Slikker’s oil and acrylic paintings on canvas incorporate landscape, animals, and people. Having trained under painter Robert Warren, her learned method involves the use of a soft orange under-layer and a “black study,” which helps to set the shadows and map out the composition’s depth prior to the rendering of the final image. Slikker mixes her own colors to achieve a uniquely soft palette verging on the impressionistic. As an oeuvre, her works communicate a powerful sense of home and belonging.


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