Living Life with Blinders On: Living Life As God Intended – KINDLE


Dr. Julius Mosley II

Format: Kindle
Published Date: July 13, 2023
Pages: 78
ISBN: 979-8-89091-098-1

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People, in general, seem to not focus on the most important thing in life. We have a tendency to not care about life after death, even though we have been urged to seek first the kingdom of God and his Righteousness.

Living Life with Blinders On is a book to awaken people about life after death and remind them that physical death is not the end of it but rather the beginning of your eternal existence. God has given us choices to make while we are alive. But after physical death, those choices are gone forever. The book is to serve as a warning of the impending JUDGEMENT that is waiting for everyone who has ever lived on this earth.. without exception!!!

The book is intended to help understand why people are the way that we are because we have inherited a cursed nature, and it is totally impossible to please God with a cursed nature. It is one thing to be religious, but it is another thing to be “born again.”

Dr. Julius Mosley II

Dr. Julius Mosley II was born and raised in St. Petersburg Florida. He graduated from Florida A&M University and attended Howard University Dental School where he obtained his Dental degree. He was a Dental Officer at Travic Air Force Base in California during Vietnam War. He is a practicing dentist for over 40 years, a husband of 37 years to his beautiful wife and a father of three adult children. He is also the ministry head of evangelism and discipleship for over 20 years at his local fellowship, of which he is a member. When he was a fourth-grader, he wanted to find the reason for his existence. He could not accept the fact that he had been created and allowed to live and then exist anymore. His second desire was to become a dentist so he could help people. He accomplished both. He learned how to receive eternal life and to share this very important information with others while giving God the glory for all he has done.


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