Little Worlds of Water: An Early Reader – PAPERBACK


Mary T. Kincaid

Format: Paperback
Published Date: October 27, 2022
Pages: 102
ISBN: 978-1-959165-84-2

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Little Worlds of Water takes us back to Blytheville to continue the story of Mason Garcia and his efforts to make friends in the place where his father has moved his family. He finished his school year with everyone believing that he made up the story of the little people he saw. So he wants to spend the summer doing normal kid stuff not playing video games with little people.
He tries several things and works hard at making friends. The little people, the Punwees, learn how to leave his room and go to the park riding on his cat. One of the water Punwees sees him practicing with his homemade boat for the July 4th races.
The Punwees make a deal. One will give swimming lessons for the homemade boat. So the boat is stolen. The confusion that follows gets Mason in trouble with the Punwee Clans.

Mary T. Kincaid

I write stories with a fantasy element. For example: Little people only Mason can see. Children are my favorite audience. They love to hear about the possibilities that one can imagine. This story was inspired by the walnut tree in my front yard and answers the question: What if little men lived in the walnuts.


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