It’s the Night of all Hallows’ Eve

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Katherine L. Myers-Kohn

Published Date: August 28, 2023
Pages: 24

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This is the story of what happened long ago on one All Hallows' Eve night as witnessed by one human. A farmer and family prepare for "All Hallows' Eve" night in their farm house and yard when the calm night is broken by monsters, demons and other creatures of the night erupting from the earth. Their leader, The Grim Reaper calls the creatures to order and provides them with his instructions. As the creatures depart, The Reaper turns to face the human watcher and addresses him.

Katherine L. Myers-Kohn

Katherine L. Myers-Kohn, more often known as Kathie is a retired nurse, teacher, wife, mother, grandmother & a teller of stories. As a child, Kathie had a boundless imagination and growing up her mother & grandfather encouraged it to grow and thrive. Kathie would write short stories & poems on any bit of paper she could find. Her writing was a way of coping with feeling & emotions when she was young. As Kathie grew up, she found that her stories were helpful in caring for the sick, injured or those who were in need of a tender human touch. Kathie found that her stories could help others in dealing with the same anxieties, fears and sadness that she had experienced. Kathie is a lover of all living things. Favorites include dragons, tigers & dogs – all breeds. As a child, Kathie had the usual pets dogs, cats, hamsters, etc… But how many children can say they had a Margay (a small wild cat of Central & South American) for a family pet. Her Father introduced her to all kinds of animals only seen in zoos through his contacts in wild animal societies. Some of the wild animals Kathie met included a spider monkey, wolves, a pair of mountain lions and a tiger. Kathie was taught to respect every animal rather than to fear them. Kathie had albino corn snakes because she married a man who is allergic to most furry animals. Kathie was born & has lived her entire life in Southern California.


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