It’s A Baby

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Vanessa Jarrett

Published Date: November 24, 2023
Pages: 28

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This nonfiction children’s book is as educational as it is simple. In short, exposing children to certain conversations and adult topics can influence the way they process situations and facts in the future regarding certain life events. On a smaller scale, the “talk” can be extremely harmless: if I’d just spoken about the birds & the bees, and then present you with the pros and cons of teaching young children about intercourse, it’d be the same old conversation. But this method can have profound implications on a child’s mindset, their decision-making in the future, and their overall self-identity when learning about things like sexual intercourse comes into play.

In "It’s A Baby", my illustrated children’s book, I lead my readers through the story of how I taught my grandkids about the way of life, and how their siblings were brought into the world. I’ll also show positive and effective communication with small children, teaching them how they can apply these principles later into their own lives. This book is just another reflection of my many inspiring life events.

Vanessa Jarrett

As a family woman and entrepreneur, I sat down one afternoon amongst my grandchildren, and received my first thoughts on a concept that would potentially transform my career: A family biography in the form of a children’s book. I have always had a high drive and passion for creating things. This book is just one of the many examples of my hard work and dedication to my goals. I’ve spent years creating and striving to make a difference in my world with the talent that I have. Now it’s time for me to share that talent with the world and tell my story as well.


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