It Happened One Christmas – PAPERBACK


Format: Paperback
Published Date: August 30, 2019
Pages: 328
Dimension: 6×0.68500×9
ISBN: 9781948864862

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"Charlotte Faraday (better know as 'Charley') wants to bring Christmas back to Braxton, Vermont; but not only do the townspeople refuse to waste their time on a holiday that has become ""just another day"", the mayor is also dead set against Charlie's idea and threatens her to drop her campaign. This, of course, makes her even more determined to bring her vision to reality— as well as learn the secret behind his hatred.

Then strange accidents begin to happen to sabotage her efforts when the famous covered bridge is nearly destroyed; the editor runs a story about charlie's campaign and days later his barn burns to the ground, and the brakes on Charlie's car fail. But when Charley inadvertently uncovers news about a little boy who fell through the ice of the skating pond and drowned many years before, a fifteen-year-old secret involving the mayor is resurrected.

IT HAPPENED ONE CHRISTMA, a delightful romantic mystery, brings the true spirit of Christmas back into your heart."

Judy Babilon

Judy Babilon loves mystery mixed with a bit of romance, and though reality doesn’t always end in “happily ever after” she disproves the theory in her novels. Having been journalist for several years, Judy learned much about people and incorporates a delightful humor and wit her characters— Characters with warmth, a bit of stubbornness and a lot of personalities.


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