In Search of Identity: The Journey Within

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Dr. Kenneth Urial Gutsch

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"To those who read this book let me say that this book came “through” me, not from me. After years of taking notes and messages from my compelling inner self, I realized that the messenger had to be the Holy Spirit and that the message was one I could not ignore.

This book is for those of you who find the path of life bumpy, In Search of Identity, was written to help you reach beyond where you are, to help you re-examine your life, and to reformulate a new approach to living, It details for the reader the inner journey (the process of living) we embark on as we struggle for identity. It captures the essence of what we think and how our thoughts influence what we become. It helps the reader to understand that change is always possible when the journey within carries you through a process of self-examination."

Dr. Kenneth Urial Gutsch

Dr. Kenneth Urial Gutsch is the former Director of Clinical Training in Counselling Psychology at the University of Southern Misissippi. During his tenture at the University, he authored nine books and seventy-two research articles.


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