For Such A Time As This – KINDLE


Melita Wade Thorpe

Format: Kindle
Published Date: February 19, 2024
Pages:  262
ISBN: 979-8-89091-476-7

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Caught up in one of the nation’s cruelest and spiraling epidemics, Anne (Ellie) Wadsworth, is working for the DEA in Washington, D.C., and must revisit a childhood tragedy and face terrifying drug cartels and the pain they have caused through her beloved Mississippi
As she reconnects with the pilot who crash-landed on her grandfather’s farm when she was ten years old, Ellie comes face to face with the world of drug addiction and death. The two of them fly to Mexico to meet the evil where heroin factories exist. Her journey takes them to Oaxaca, Mexico where a former lover is now a police detective.
The story is filled with horror, mystery, and romance

Melita Wade Thorpe

“For Such A Time As This” is a mystery/thriller page-turner.

Melita Wade Thorpe, Mississippi native and writer, draws on her experience of international travel. Thorpe grew up in the deep south before moving to California where she received a Master of Arts degree from the University of California, Davis.

Thorpe returned to the piney woods of Jones County, Mississippi in 2021 where she wrote her first novel, Ransom Theft Love. Published in 2022. For Such a Time as This, a prequel to the former novel begins when Anne Wadsworth is ten years old and living in Markel, MS.

Thorpe is passionate about enhancing the lives of her community. Her second novel deals with the drug epidemic raging through her beloved South. This mystery/suspense novel is written for teens and young adults who might venture down the wrong dark path of addiction.
For Such A Time as This mixes crime, history, and romance to produce a page-turning novel.
Learn more about Melita and her works by visiting her website: https; Her novels are available on Amazon.


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