Evangel: Believer’s Sanctification – KINDLE


Apostle Curtis Schulze

Format: Kindle
Published Date: February 6, 2024
Pages:  540
ISBN: 979-8-89091-452-1

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Today, the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ still lacks a clear and concise understanding of the right and proper relationship between Grace and Truth [or, in other words, Law and Gospel.] In this trilogy [Redemption in Christ, Believer's Sanctification, and Justification by Faith], I am going to attempt to bridge the gap between Law and Gospel in order to bring clarity to the message on the Grace of Christ. My prayer is that the Spirit of Christ will rest upon me to help me rightly divide the Word of truth, in order to clear up any confusion or misconceptions believers may have about this Pauline gospel. In these three books, I explain Biblical Redemptions [Salvation] and the Sanctification of all believers. I will contrast the gift from the fruit, and show how the fruit verifies the gift. No fruit, no gift! The fruit is the proof of the gift; the gift is what brings forth the fruit. God help us! May His Grace be with me in this endeavor! If you truly want to know what Paul had in mind when he wrote his gospel, these three books are for you.

In the second book of the series, I will address the process of sanctification in the life of a believer. Our sanctification is an extension of our empowering, where God is taking the new life we've received from him, and causing it to grow and bear fruit. This happens the more we yield to him. The same Spirit of God that led us to salvation, is still at work, superintending over the life he placed inside of us when we first received that free gift. In other words, the same grace that brings you into new life is the same grace that bears the fruit of that life. Our only response is to simply yield, much like a branch that bears fruit from a vine. Many in the body of Christ are still identifying with the nature of their old man, and struggling to fully realize the new creature they've become through the life that now resides on the inside of them. The Holy Spirit is not overcoming your sinful nature, he's empowering your new nature. We no longer have to be confused about this. Come join in this venture to break down those spiritual barriers and equip you with the knowledge to apprehend the true nature of who God has called you to be!

Apostle Curtis Schulze


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