Dragon Days – KINDLE


Todd French

Format: Kindle
Published Date: January 26, 2023
Pages: 70
ISBN: 978-1-959761-51-8

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The poems in Dragon Days cover a wide variety of topics, from current events, the battle between faith and a world plunging into spiritual darkness, fathers and sons-from King Hezekiah of Israel to Russian President Vladimir Putin, appearances by the Greek hero Jason and the Minamoto samurai Kumagi Naozane, the issues of the day, a lament for the original King Kong's slain stegosaurus, fear of flying, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the world of nature, the seasons' influence on a cynical private detective, identity, an unwise selfie with a bear, and the challenges of navigating life in an America that seems to be steadily sinking into moral depravity.

Todd French

Todd French lives in California with his family. His interests include poetry, fiction, history, art, film and music, and birdwatching. This is his second collection of poetry following the summer 2022 publication of his first volume, Sad Superpower by Readers Magnet. He has started work on a third volume, titled Coelacanth. Current projects include a short novel titled The Early Retirement of Sheriff Anselm. Favorite authors and influences include poets Ezra Pound, Billy Collins, Jill Pelaez Baumgaertner, John Steinbeck, Anthony Doerr, Cormac McCarthy Richard Monaco, Dean R Koontz and william Peter Blatty.


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