Children’s Poetry Book

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Betty Jean Miller

Published Date: September 30, 2022
Pages: 198

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In her delightful new collection of poems, children's muse Betty Jean Green Miller charms children of all ages with her whimsical rhymes and tales. Her Children's Poetry Book is filled with charming verse and characters sure to please the imaginations of young minds everywhere.
Green's merry anecdotes give character to all sort of animals and wildlife–the sheep and the goat who lay side by side, the old fox who thought he was sly, the big fluffy puppy, the cow who gives milk, the flowers coming out of the ground-and show children compassion for all God's creatures and a lively zest for life.
She subtly sweetens the necessary lessons of life–such as respect for elders, eating good food, and love of the Lord–with her enchanting and winsome rhymes. Children's Poetry Book is a collection of verse sure to become a treasured home companion to children and parents alike.

Betty Jean Miller

Betty Jean Green Miller shares her clever and creative verses with children in an effort to help them learn to read while subtly teaching them how to handle today’s confusing world. Augmenting her work with charming illustrations to help children remember what is being said, Betty feels that repetition and memory are the keys to easy learning.


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