Calabria: Seas to the Mountains – KINDLE


Format: Kindle
Published Date: August 30, 2018
Pages: 102
ISBN: 9781948864091

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"In 1927 in a town deep within the Calabrian mountains, an oppressed and isolated family lives under the tyranny of a violent baron who wants to subdue and recruit the brothers Michael and Antonio by any means possible. When the brothers reject his offer, the enraged baron exacts his revenge on the family in a brutal attack – on their children. He attempts to kill Antonio’s toddler son, Franco, and forcefully adopts Michael’s now-orphaned four year old niece, Carmela. As astute as he is dangerous, Michael – now calling himself Zione – insinuates himself into the baron’s inner circle, waiting for the perfect moment to exact his own revenge.

Years pass, and the world is at war. Antonio returns from the horrors of the Russian Front with the frostbitten foot, only to find there are battles to be won at home as well. Franco, now a man, is engaged to Carmela, who carries his child. But the baron forbids his adopted daughter to marry. Under the threat of death, Franco flees to New York. There he seeks protection and help from a local boss. Back in Italy, Carmela gives birth to their child before joining Franco in New York in the hopes of starting a new life in the New World. Together they open an Italian restaurant and try to find happiness so far from home."

Raffaele Zuccarelli & Michael Ficarra

Author Raffaele Zuccarelli was born in Italy and the present day lives in South Florida where he owns his own Italian restaurant. Author Michael Ficarra is a long time friend of Raffaele Zuccarelli and was born in New York and present-day lives in New York. Michael Ficarra’s profession at the present time is in the Real Estate Industry. Raffaele and Michael are from Italian descent. Raffaele and Michael have similar childhoods, that inspired them to write this book.


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