Brow of Stone – KINDLE


Format: Kindle
Published Date: January 18, 2018
Pages: 202
ISBN: 9781947765627

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During the toilsome era of the 1920s, few dreamed of frivolous fortunes. But Gregory Allen, despite his humble upbringing, did more than just dream. He achieved wealth, power, and a large estate in his early twenties with the help of family and a watchful friend. Still, Gregory didn’t feel complete happiness without the love of the girl he’s kept a shy eye on years. Upon marrying his sweetheart, with their first child on the way, Gregory felt peaceful contentment and blessed beyond words.

But when a fiercely sought-after rare flower caused a close friend’s daughter to disappear, Gregory has no choice but to leave his growing family behind and hunt for her in the harsh jungle of Africa. The nightmare begins when Gregory is rendered unconscious from being knocked to the ground during an earthquake and wakes up to captivity by a strange group, in a strange place and time. Despondent at being kept from home and the birth of his child turns to crushing grief when Gregory finally returns home, everything he loved and cared about has been destroyed — or more accurately, stolen. A childhood rival has stripped Gregory of his life and some unknown foe has robbed him of decades.


But if he is not careful, he will lose more than he ever thought possible. With his life, love, and family on the line, Gregory needs allies but quickly learns his greatest weapon is his own forgiveness.

Kaylee Reilley Christian

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