Bringing Effective Quality Assurance Into A Small Business – HARDBACK


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Published Date: May 15, 2019
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A common Sense Guide to Getting Quality to Work for the Bottom Line in Your Business.

John Noland Frye

This is an upgraded and modernized version of my first book: Ten Mistakes Small Companies Make Implementing Quality— and How to Correct Them – 2008. In this re-write and update, I draw upon my own company, Transportation Quality Services (TQS), a consulting firm dedicated to improving the Quality of the items and products manufactured, and procured for our clients. Currently, we support the Transportation industry, but also work to assist vendors of a wide variety of products, most of which go into rail and bus vehicles. In the 30+ years in working in Quality, I have seen that too many small manufacturers and suppliers have missed out on dozens of contracts and the resulting opportunities by not having a documented, viable and productive Quality System in their company. Any Federal subsidized project requires the suppliers to be ISO registered, have a similar Quality System, or at least be ISO compliant.

This book is a guideline for those companies.

In this short, fun book I demystify the Quality Business and provide guidance for implementing a Quality System. For better Quality…for your Bottom Line. This book is also the guideline for a course Transportation Quality Services can teach at the business location on how to implement Quality Systems into any business.


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