Brightly, the Grounded Angel

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Gay Sizemore Sauer

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Everybody is useful in spite of limitations… this includes ANGELS. Everyone has a talent that can be used for the good of others. Brightly, the one winged angel shows us how we can all be useful in God's kingdom. Although he is a handicap, Brightly, uses his beautiful singing voice to soothe newborn babies with his beautiful voice. Beginning with his first assignment in the stable at Bethlehem, Brightly learns that it is more fun to help the newborn babies than to somersault in multiple flip-flops in the atmosphere.

Gay Sizemore Sauer

Gay Sizemore Sauer is a native Texan who resides in West Columbia, Texas, but has lived in many locales, including Norway and England. She and husband Ray are parents to four children – Ray Jr. (Skip), Patti, Lorrie, and Cissy. They are proud grandparents of Sarah, Matt, Greg, Isabel, Olivia, Kate, Emilia, and Kika, and one great-grandchild, Brent. The author enjoys writing short stories for children. Her first book, however, was a collection of poems and stories written for residents in a nearby nursing home. Her private collection of travelogues and journals tell the story of her many trips to fascinating places in the world, including Antarctica.Mrs. Sauer, a retired high school English instructor, earned degrees at West Texas State University, Canyon, Texas, and Montclair University Montclair, New Jersey. She describes herself as a life-long student of literature and history.


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