Born, Broken, Blessed II – PAPERBACK


Format: Paperback
Published Date: February 05, 2020
Pages: 360
ISBN: 9781950947782

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Book, Born, Broken, Blessed II speaks about the life of a woman named Madison; she was born into a struggling marriage between her parents that led her into a generational curse. Madison spent her entire adult life seeking love in all the wrong places before her strongest desire was met. Madison found out through her faith that true love is a gift from God. After all, He (God) loved the world “so much” that He gave His only son.

Standing on Planted Seeds comes from the heart of the author, her personal walk with the Lord, His will for her life, and testimonies of her faith. When she came to the Lord as Sinner, she was a hot mess! She confesses—her heart, mind and soul needed cultivating. She recognizes and overcomes hindrances the devil attempts to use to destroy her relationship with God.

The Lord, who began a good work in me, will complete it; “no” He’s not done with me yet! The Lord has given each of us power to stand.

Take off the Mask describes how the people of God send mixed messages to the unsaved society. It clearly states how Gods’ word does not discriminate, but it defines and addresses every possible event, mistake and recovery plan for every man, woman, boy and girl. It deals with fraudulent Christians and goes on to reveal the counterfeit Christian in their service for others and for God. It continues on to express; we struggle daily with temptation, forgiveness, drama, jealousy and courage, but we are still commanded to do what is right. God’s word shows us how to cope with all the trials, and stumbling blocks of the world.

Sadie E. Hamer

Sadie E. Hamer, Author
She is a loving mother of five sons, committed to Christ and her local church. She writes full time having her first book “Born, Broken, Blessed” released in 2008, her second book “Standing on Planted Seeds” released April 2011 and her third book “Take off the Mask” released September 2011. She resides in Cape May Court House, New Jersey. She has done readings and signings in Philadelphia Pa., Wildwood New Jersey and Woodbine New Jersey. She also maintains her US Patent for the Ethnic Braid Sealer and Clipper.


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