Be Patient, Be Brave, Fearless, Never In A Haste

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Keith Paul Phillip

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Dimensions 6 × 9 in

In poetry, there lies a canvas, a blank space to create a universe where you cannot prepare yourself for any sets of unusual reality. A little imagination to mesmerize, inspiration is a significant different voice from art, philosophy, and religion. Poetry attempts to use consistent abstract thoughts to inspire words, which they fail to articulate. Keith Phillip sees poetry as a window to his own unpredictable self, willing to take risks, risking it all without any constrains. The opportunity to use poetry from a platform is a powerful, positive communicative tool. Poetry is the equalizer, a revolutionary as nature as if water just suddenly appears and covers the ocean, creating a negative action into a positive one. It is your reaction is the root of new material, myself, I think is that moment which truly counts.

Keith Paul Phillip

Keith Phillip is a naturally gifted person who thinks that there’s something bigger than him in the universe. What the gifted people receive may be used for many reasons, but that gift should be shared among those who struggled with him/her through the development of this gift. Personal is the principal that really matters. Keith takes no credit the entire inspiration is a connection to a positive element in our natural life.


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