Angels and Mysteries and Incredible Happenings in the Wild Wild West – PAPERBACK


Irv Lampman

Format: Paperback
Published Date: 
June 3, 2022
Pages: 66


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During the Western expansion of the United States, what is generally referred to as the Wild West, sometimes things happened that defy man’s ability to explain or understand. During the hardest times, someone or something intervened. Some people would say it was angels. In the case of Jose Garcia, when man was about to make a grievous mistake, some would say an angel intervened. Time and time again, when they were most needed, the Lord sent some of his emissaries to help.
In the history of the Wild West, when it seems that things happened with no other explanation than angels' intervention, mysteries abound in this book, supposedly all true.

Irv Lampman

Irv Lampman, Big Irv as he is commonly known, was born and raised at Deerfield, Wisconsin, on a small farm about fifteen miles east of Madison. Thanks to his mother, Dorothy, he became interested in reading about the Wild West and angels and mysteries. He is also a Nashville artist and spent many years in county music. Irv has always desired to be an author.


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