ABORT: Terminate Prematurely- HARDBACK


Randy Hudson

Format: Hardback
Published Date: November 15, 2023
Pages: 430
ISBN: 979-8-89091-314-2

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Meet John and Mary, the leaders of a group of commissioned assassins. Together, they are an efficient, killer duo to anyone crossing the line into criminality. Walking down a busy street, no one would ever be able to pick the couple out of a crowd as being deadly agents. To be fair, the two have fairly average hobbies: relaxing around a warm, bright campfire with friends, drinking a chilled beverage while they fish, and learning to shoot from horseback from their friend Bobby. The twist is that the couples around the fire are John and Mary's nearly-as-dangerous coworkers. At any moment, their phones could ring with the name of a target and the cold drinks would be abandoned for weapons.

Randy Hudson

Randy Hudson was born and raised in Colorado County, South Texas about halfway between Houston and San Antonio. He is a Vietnam era United States Marine Corps Sergeant upon honorable discharge. He spent most of his life hanging iron and raising a family of five kids. He is now a grandfather and great grandfather. He also spent a few years in the oil field as a roughneck in the eighties. He is an avid reader of books, likes to travel when he can and enjoys just being alive. Writing a book was a wonderful challenge at his old age. He never saw it coming.


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